Russell Senate Office Building



Russell Senate Office Building

United States Congress

Orsogril Taila-100

Visual Screening at Loading Dock Area

Washington DC

The Challenge

The Russell Senate Office Building (built 1903-1908) is the oldest of the Senate office buildings as well as a significant example of the Beaux Arts style of architecture.  It holds a prominent place on Constitution Avenue just North of the United States Capitol. As with much of the Capitol complex, there is no “back side” so, how do you secure the rear loading entrance without diminishing the architectural significance and aesthetic value of the building?

The Solution

BarnettBates Corporation worked with the Architect of the Capitol to provide Orsogril Talia-100 Louver infill panels and gates.  Talia-100 ensures security and durability while maintaining airflow and ventilation.  The vertical and horizontal structural elements were carefully aligned with the existing linear elements present in the classic design of the building itself and the Statuary Bronze color was selected to compliment the surrounding path way materials.