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Narrow Rectangular Steel

Specify: Narrow Rectangular Steel - Genuine Orsogril Danae
View and download Danae detail and CSI Spec. Guideline:

Orsogril Danae .pdf

Orsogril Danae .dwg

Orsogril CSI Specification Guideline .doc

These Products on the Job:


“Nationwide Authorized Orsogril Fabricator - 10 years”

CAUTION: Other products advertised as Orsogril "equals" are not the same.  Use our CSI 3-Part Spec. Guideline  to specify genuine Orsogril. 

Narrower rectangular appearance and lighter components offer security features appreciated by educational institutions - difficult to climb and narrow to prevent reach-through or arm/hand injury. This style works well for attractive and safe perimeter pre-school and elementary school play areas... as well as for many other institutional uses.

Material is custom fabricated to project requirements - main bars may be positioned either vertically or horizontally to accentuate building design and function. Minimal obstruction of air flow for excellent smaller area/playground ventilation. Contact us for fast budget quotations, samples, digital project photos - or for discussions/input regarding your particular project.

See downloadable CSI-Spec. Guideline to specify our "BB-20" 20-year warranty multi-stage, multiple oven-cure epoxy/polyester powder coat system.

Note: this finish system does not require prior galvanizing of steel material - successfully avoiding finish roughness and potential adhesion problems.

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